13 de outubro de 2014

Toda a tecnologia é social

Texto interessante publicado na Boston Review sobre as tecnologias e o seu impacto na nossa vida. Excerto:
"We better understand the role of technologies if we think about how we use them and how that use changes over time. Most such uses are purposeful, benign, and mundane, such as commuting to work, checking in on mom, gossiping, and shopping. Technologies that begin as luxuries often slip into daily use over time, as they become cheaper and more common. The earliest automobile drivers used their expensive new cars for Sunday jaunts. A bit later, farmers used cheaper versions to take produce to market and families to movies. Later, Americans used autos to commute to work. Initially the Internet was a space of experts. Today people use the Internet to see their distant grandchildren, view pornography, or window shop. In all these cases, we use new devices to push the boundaries of the social sphere."
Mais AQUI.

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